Advance SW5500

Hybrid Rider Sweepers

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Hybrid Power. Revolutionary Performance.

The innovative SW5500™ is the first real hybrid industrial sweeper on the market. This easy-to-use, highly productive sweeper will minimize your total costs to clean by providing efficient sweeping with a small footprint.

Benefits of SW5500 Hybrid Rider Sweepers

The SW5500 Hybrid Rider Sweeper delivers everything you’d expect from a hybrid, and a lot more. With emissions-free battery configurations and a high-capacity high-dump hopper, this sweeper will increase your productivity and reduce your costs, whether you’re sweeping large floors or outdoor areas.


  • Contribute to your green-cleaning efforts and reduce your cleaning costs with emissions-free battery configurations
  • Increase sweeping performance with a worn main broom and extend broom life with our wear-compensating main broom sweeping system
  • Control dust at the side broom with our industry exclusive DustGuard™
  • Improve dumping efficiency with the high-capacity, high-dump hopper
  • Simplify operation and maximize efficiency — all sweeping functions activated through the OneTouch™ controls and drive pedal
  • Ensure operator safety with our Clear-View™ design, automatic speed reduction during turns and LED headlights
  • Expedite service and repair with MaxAccess™ interlocking compartments for industry-best access to critical components



SW5500 Battery
Power Source
24 V, 366 Ah
Max Speed
5.6 mph (9 km/hr)
Protection Class / IP Protection
Sound Pressure Level
68 dB A
Productivity Rate with Main Broom Theoretical/Actual
82,340 / 57,650 ft²/hr
(7,650 / 5,355 m²/hr)
Productivity Rate with One Side Broom Theoretical/Actual
113,830 / 79,700 ft²/hr
(10,575 / 7,405 m²/hr)
Productivity Rate with Two Side Brooms Theoretical/Actual
145,312 / 101,720 ft²/hr
(13,500 / 9,450 m²/hr)
Working Width with Right Side Broom
46.25 in (117.5 cm)
Working Width with Two Side Brooms
60 in (152.5 cm)
Maximum Climbing Rate
Water Tank Capacity
8.5 gal (32 L)
Hopper Volume
39.6 gal (150 L)
Hopper Maximum Weight
530 lb (240 kg)
Maximum Dumping Height
65 in (165 cm)
Filter Area
75 ft² (7 m²)
Side Broom Speed
40 – 155 rpm
Main Broom
33.5 in (85 cm)
Side Broom Diameter
19.7 in (50 cm)
Dimensions (LxWxH)
74 x 47 x 62 in
(188 x 119.4 x 157.5 cm)
1,400 lb (636 kg)

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