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Cleanliness matters in the retail and grocery business. In fact, store appearance is one of the primary factors influencing retail sales and research shows that 91% of customers choose where to shop based on whether the floor is clean. To maintain the cleanliness of your floors, you need a versatile floor cleaning solution that can clean multiple floor surfaces and high-traffic areas.

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Nilfisk Floor Cleaning Solutions for Retail & Grocery

Nilfisk® floor cleaning equipment offers the innovative, versatile solutions you need to maintain spotless floors and make a great first impression on your customers. Our easy-to-use, value-conscious machines deliver superior performance and efficiency so you can improve the cleanliness of your store while reducing labor and resource costs. And with our quiet, unobtrusive designs that allow for daytime cleaning, you can optimize your cleaning productivity and reduce downtime.
Additionally, our environmentally friendly floor cleaning solutions will help you reduce chemical and water consumption, improve the indoor air quality of your store and minimize your environmental impact while also reducing your overall costs.

The Nilfisk Cleaning Advantage in Retail & Grocery

  • Choose from a full lineup of versatile floor cleaning machines to cover all of your cleaning needs
  • Clean during the day without disturbing your customers
  • Use less water and fewer chemicals to minimize your environmental impact and reduce your material costs
  • Reduce labor hours by scrubbing and drying floors in a single pass, and sweeping and extracting carpets in a single pass
  • Increase the overall health and safety of your floor cleaning practices by improving indoor air quality, minimizing slip-and-fall accidents and reducing chemical fumes
  • Cut your overall cost of cleaning by leveraging Advance technologies to improve staff productivity and floor cleaning efficiency

More than 100 Years of Customer Satisfaction

Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment is used at retail and grocery stores large and small — from large supermarkets to small retail stores to shopping malls and parking structures. Our cleaning solutions will make your stores more attractive and sanitary, improve the efficiency of your cleaning practices and reduce your cleaning costs. This is all part of our commitment to provide you with superior v​alue, reliability and efficiency in everything we make and everything we do.


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