Manufacturing facilities can get dirty fast. Soils ranging from ordinary dust and dirt to oil and debris are commonplace. Plus, you may need to clean multiple types of surfaces, from hard floors in the factory to carpets in the front office. You need a high-performance, versatile, industrial strength floor cleaning solution to keep your manufacturing facility clean and safe.

How can we help you?

Nilfisk Floor Cleaning Solutions for Manufacturers

Nilfisk® floor cleaning equipment is ideal for manufacturing applications, with the rugged design, power and high performance to tackle the challenges of cleaning a factory floor. Our industrial floor cleaning equipment features easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain designs that will increase the productivity of your cleaning staff, plus large debris trays and high quality air filters that work together to capture floor soils without contaminating the air.
Additionally, our environmentally friendly innovations can help you reduce chemical and water consumption, improve the indoor air quality of your facility and minimize your environmental impact while also reducing your overall costs.

The Nilfisk Cleaning Advantage in Manufacturing

  • Choose from a full lineup of industrial floor cleaning machines to cover all of your cleaning needs
  • Use less water and fewer chemicals to minimize your environmental impact and reduce your material costs
  • Reduce labor hours by scrubbing and drying floors in a single pass, and sweeping and extracting carpets in a single pass
  • Increase the overall health and safety of your floor cleaning practices by improving indoor air quality, minimizing slip-and-fall accidents and reducing chemical fumes
  • Cut your overall cost of cleaning by leveraging Advance technologies to improve staff productivity and floor cleaning efficiency


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