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Students learn better in clean environments. It’s as simple as that. Cleanliness promotes health and safety for students and staff, inspires students to take pride in their school, and makes a great impression on parents and visitors.

Nilfisk’s complete line of floor care and cleaning equipment will help you create a healthy, positive learning environment while also reducing cleaning costs.

Let us help you elevate your cleaning program to the top of the class.

Watch how the North Carolina School for the Deaf is putting cleaning equipment to good use for their specific needs.

Reduce absenteeism and improve learning outcomes by keeping students and staff healthy

Absenteeism due to illness is a growing problem in K-12 schools: Every year, 36 million school days are lost because of the flu, 22 million because of the common cold, and 14 million due to asthma.

Poor attendance can have a lasting impact on children’s futures, because it’s associated with lower academic performance and higher dropout rates. Not only that, but teacher absences cost schools more than $25 billion a year!

Cleaning keeps students and teachers in school by preventing the spread of infection and improving the air quality of learning environments. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to instantly boost academic performance.

Make a great impression and promote school pride

First impressions matter. In the United States, more than 40% of college students choose their school largely based on their first impression of the physical campus environment. Beyond that first impression, the physical environment continues to shape the perception of the school by students, parents and visitors.

Cleanliness helps you make a great impression the minute students step onto your campus. It also sends the message that staff and administrators are invested in helping students succeed and engenders school pride. All of these factors bolster student achievement.

Advance sustainability efforts and lower cleaning costs with innovative technologies

As budgets shrink, schools are continually tasked with doing more with less. At the same time, many districts are adopting green cleaning initiatives to create a healthier learning environment and reduce their environmental impact.

Nilfisk’s floor care and cleaning equipment features industry-leading technologies to support your sustainability efforts while also reducing cleaning costs.

  • EcoFlex™ is a cutting-edge green-cleaning technology that reduces chemical and water use with the touch of a button.
  • REV™ Random Orbital Scrubbing Technology is a patented floor scrubbing system that allows you to remove the old floor finish in a single pass using just tap water — no chemicals required.
  • Quiet Mode™ allows operators to quickly and easily reduce noise levels for daytime cleaning and cleaning in noise-sensitive environments.

Learn more about innovation at Nilfisk.

Equipment, service and support with the flexibility you need

Schools face unique challenges when it comes to cleaning. Between budget constraints and workforce issues, it can be difficult to provide the exceptional cleanliness your students and staff deserve. That’s why Nilfisk offers flexible financing options that include unparalleled training and support.

  • Equipment, service and support at one low fixed monthly cost
  • A nationwide dealer service network to keep your machines running

Free on-demand operator training via Nilfisk University

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