Open to the public virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, airports present a constant cleaning challenge. Cleaning equipment must be highly effective and efficient, as well as unobtrusive, since cleaning must often be done while areas are bustling with travelers.

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Nilfisk Floor Cleaning Solutions for Airports

Nilfisk® floor cleaning solutions are designed to handle the unique challenges of the airport environment. They provide effective cleaning for heavy foot traffic on virtually any surface, removing even shoe scuffs and luggage roller marks. And the powerful, efficient performance of our outdoor cleaning equipment makes short work of runways, gateways, parking lots and sidewalks. The result is a clean, professional environment that makes travelers and employees alike feel safe, secure and welcomed.

  • Use less water and fewer chemicals, minimizing your environmental impact and lowering material costs
  • Reduce labor hours by scrubbing and drying floors in a single pass
  • Increase the overall health and safety of your cleaning practices by minimizing slip-and-fall accidents and chemical fumes
  • Clean without disturbing your guests with our quiet-operation machines
  • Overcome your budgetary limitations by leveraging Nilfisk technologies to improve staff productivity and cleaning efficiency

More than 100 Years of Superior Results

Nilfisk floor and surface cleaning equipment is used at airports large and small —  from small-town landing strips to the world’s largest international hubs. Whatever the needs of your airport, our commitment to superior value, reliability and efficiency is found in everything we make and everything we do.


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