Nilfisk offers complete cleaning solutions for a wide range of industries with products specifically designed to meet your needs no matter what kind of facility you need to maintain. Whether your needs are commercial or industrial, Nilfisk can help you make cleaning more efficient and effective. Check out some of the industries we serve.

How can we help you?

Open to the public virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, airports present a constant cleaning challenge. Learn how Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment can help keep your airport looking its best while reducing your cost to clean and maximizing your sustainability.
Contract Cleaning
Nilfisk floor care equipment is designed to meet the unique and varied needs of contract cleaners. Whether you’re cleaning large office buildings, school cafeterias or doctors’ offices, we have a solution to make your team faster and more productive while also delivering the high-quality results your clients expect.
Learn how the revolutionary and patented floor care solutions from Nilfisk, can help you reduce the water and chemical consumption of cleaning, improve your indoor air quality and safety, and embrace the benefits of green cleaning technologies.
Find out how Nilfisk floor cleaning machines and our more than 100 years of experience can help keep your customers and visitors happy and eager to come back again soon.
Food & Beverage
Find out how Nilfisk floor cleaning machines provide the superior cleaning power you need to meet the highest industry standards and regulations in the food and beverage industry, while helping you reduce costs and improve cleaning productivity.
Find out why government agencies at all levels have relied on Nilfisk floor cleaning machines to keep their facilities clean, healthy and safe for decades.
There is little room for error in cleaning healthcare facilities. You need equipment that cleans quickly, efficiently, sustainably and, most important, effectively. Find out why healthcare facilities everywhere rely on Nilfisk floor cleaning machines to keep their facilities clean, healthy and safe.
First impressions are vital in the hospitality industry. You need a clean, well-maintained facility to welcome your guests. This starts with spotless floors. Learn how Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment can help you keep your facility looking its best.
Manufacturing facilities can get dirty fast. Soils ranging from ordinary dust and dirt to oil and debris are commonplace. Learn how Nilfisk industrial floor cleaning equipment delivers the rugged performance you need to maintain a clean, safe factory floor.
Clean, well-maintained public areas make your city more enjoyable for residents and more welcoming for visitors. Learn how Nilfisk outdoor cleaning equipment can help you keep your municipality looking its best.
Resorts & Casinos
Resorts and casinos are often open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. There’s no closing down for cleaning, and your guests expect and assume that your facility will be clean and comfortable. Learn how Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment can help you keep your resort or casino looking its best.
Retail & Grocery
Cleanliness matters in the retail and grocery business. You need spotless floors to make a great first impression and keep your customers coming back. Learn how Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment will improve the cleanliness of your retail or grocery store while reducing your costs.
Warehousing & Distribution
With frequent deliveries and heavy foot traffic, the floors in warehouses and transportation facilities can quickly become dusty and dirty. This can be unhealthy for your staff and harmful to your products. Learn how Nilfisk floor cleaning equipment can help you keep your floors clean and safe.

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