Is a high level of cleanliness business-critical for your company?

Feb 24, 2020


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As a company that manufactures cleaning equipment, we believe that cleaning is business-critical no matter what business you’re in. But, obviously, the level of cleanliness considered business-critical differs by the type of establishment. A little extra dust in a retail store isn’t going to hurt anyone, but in a pharmaceutical cleanroom, a little extra dust can put people’s lives on the line.

As it turns out, the industry differences in attitudes toward cleaning aren’t as big as thought. When we asked nearly 1200 global buyers of cleaning machines, more than 8 in 10 respondents across industries said a high quality of cleanliness was business-critical for them. 

There were, of course, some industry-specific differences. Consistent with the example above, companies in the healthcare space have stricter cleanliness requirements than those in retail. But still, the vast majority of organizations we talked to strongly agree that without a clean environment, their business would be less successful.

Top reasons for cleaning across all industries

Avoiding endangering lives
Promoting health and safety
Complying with regulations
Ensuring product quality
Protecting their brand
Attracting new customers
Boosting customer satisfaction
Improving staff productivity

If, like the vast majority of respondents, a high level of cleanliness is business-critical for you, then you’ll be interested in the rest of the results of our 2019 Cleaning Survey Report: Priorities, Challenges, and Solutions. It identifies the top cleaning challenges in industrial, institutional, and commercial spaces. Even more importantly, it provides solutions to those challenges.

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