Join us at National Farm Machinery Show 2020 – Booths #2794 & 2796

Feb 4, 2020


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Are you AG-READY? We have the cleaning equipment specifically designed for the agriculture industry. Learn more at the National Farm Machinery Show at Booths #2794 & 2796

Managing a farm is quite demanding

Ensuring that animals, machines, buildings and processing plants are clean and hygienic is hectic and time-consuming. Each day dust, mud, manure and plant matter accumulate and settle into inaccessible crevices that are difficult to clean.

If you’re looking for a line of high pressure washers, industrial vacuums or floor care equipment that can do it all, visit us at Booths #2794 & 2796 at the National Farm Machinery Show (NFMS) 2020 in Louisville, KY, February 12-15.

Here’s a preview of the Nilfisk line to get you “AG-READY”:

  • Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B Walk-Behind Sweeper delivers superior efficiency and performance. Featuring all-surface, all-purpose sweeping technology, you can clean from one floor type to another without changing the broom. In most situations you won’t even have to adjust the broom height. With low sound levels and easy maneuverability, this is an ideal sweeping and vacuuming solution.
  • ATTIX 30 HEPA Vacuum offers a low noise level, an ergonomic and sturdy grip, and a cable hook and accessory holder. It also features superior suction performance, all in a slim package that is easy to transport and store.
  • Hydro Tek HD15002E1-ITS hot water pressure washer is a portable machine that delivers exceptional performance and durability in any agricultural application thanks to its stainless steel construction and Spiralast™ heating coils that are protected by a lifetime warranty.

Nilfisk experts will be available at Booths #2794 & 2796 to discuss specific agricultural applications and challenges.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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