And the winner of the Nilfisk Janitor’s Dream Closet Contest is…

Dec 19, 2019


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We’re thrilled to announce that the winner of our Fall 2019 Janitor’s Dream Closet Contest is Fenton Area School District in Fenton, MI. The school district’s motto is “Excellence, Outstanding Students, Lifelong Learners“. 

Mary Radtke, Secretary of Operations, who entered the contest, said in part:

“As Secretary of Operations it is my job to schedule sub custodians and we are so fortunate for our regular custodians because they pick up a lot of extra work to cover sections for me when we are short subs, which is unfortunately pretty often. We have really hard working staff and I feel that they really deserve this piece of equipment to make their life a little easier. At Fenton many of our custodians are viewed as family to a lot of our students, it is amazing how much they enjoy and appreciate them. I was just in the office at our middle school last Friday and our daytime custodian came in to ask me a question and a student in the office went up to the custodian and was hugging her the whole time I was there. It is amazing how they touch the lives of our students. Thank you for your time and having such a generous contest.”

We would like to thank you for helping make the second Janitor’s Dream Closet Contest a huge success. We received close to 400 entries, which demonstrates the importance of cleanliness to the education community.

In the meantime, visit our Education page if you have any questions about our cleaning equipment. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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