Winter Break Deep Cleaning Checklist for Schools

Dec 17, 2019


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The holiday season is in full swing. For students and teachers, that means wrapping up projects and getting ready for some time away from the classroom. But at the same time, many custodians are gearing up to perform the deep cleaning that there’s never time for during the regular school year.

If you’re a member of a school custodial team, here are seven deep cleaning tasks to cross off your list before students return in the new year.

1. Use a carpet extractor in high-traffic areas

Carpets near entryways, in hallways, and in well-traveled areas of classrooms can take a beating! Deep cleaning with a carpet extractor can help keep your carpets in great condition for years to come by removing the dirt and grime that can become bonded to the carpet fiber.

2. Refinish hard floors

Over time, hard floors in areas like gyms and cafeterias will lose their shine. Not only does this make them look dingy, but it exposes them to damage that can necessitate early replacement. Refinishing floors will keep them both looking and performing their best.

Nilfisk’s REVTM technology supports your green cleaning efforts by decreasing the water and chemicals required to restore your floors. Watch this short video for more info.

3. High-pressure wash restrooms

You’re probably already deep cleaning restroom fixtures on a regular basis, but what about the floors and walls? If you’re still using a mop for daily cleaning, your tiles and grout will start to look shabby and also harbor bacteria. Use this opportunity to deep clean floors, walls, and fixtures with a high-pressure restroom cleaning machine.

4. Deep clean refrigerators

Refrigerators can be the location of all kinds of unintentional science experiments. Remove all shelves and drawers so you can clean and sanitize each component individually.

5. Wash windows inside and out

If you don’t regularly wash your windows from top to bottom, inside and out, dirt could be blocking light from getting into the classrooms. Clean windows thoroughly to boost student learning and save on your electric bill.

6. Clean the light fixtures

When light fixtures get dirty, they give off less light. They’re also excellent bug collectors. Remove the covers to give them a complete clean.

7. Change the filters in your vacuum cleaners

Finally, this isn’t a deep cleaning task, but winter break is the perfect time for your annual vacuum filter change.

Visit our Education page for more info on school cleaning as well as equipment that will help you get it done quickly and effectively.

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