Process Expo 2019 Show Recap


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We wrapped up our fall food industry trade shows this month at Process Expo 2019. We featured our entire line-up of products for better cleaning, including industrial vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and sweepers and high pressure washers. This variety of products offered solutions for any cleaning challenge in a food processing facility. 

If you missed out on attending Process Expo, you can view some highlights of booth #2603 below:

Industrial Vacuums clean floors, collect trim from packaging machines and even remove overhead dust on pipes and equipment. Combustible dust is present in many food processing facility applications and Nilfisk industrial vacuums provide safe, certified solutions for the collection of hazardous dusts.
  • Nilfisk ATTIX 19AE Flood Sucker helps minimize slip and fall incidents by quickly collecting liquid spills. Featuring a powered discharge, the Flood Sucker completely removes liquids, leaving a dry surface behind.
  • Nilfisk VHS110 EXP aides in dry collection of material in potential combustible dust environments. This model is CSA-certified and features multistage filtration, including HEPA to collect even the smallest particle.
  • Nilfisk T63 CIID2 for continuous-duty combustible dust collection is fully-certified for compliance in Class II, Division 2 environments. In food processing facilities, the T63 CIID2 can connect to process equipment, packaging lines and even pre-separators for optional easy disposal.
  • Nilfisk’s NEW antistatic food grade color-coded accessories help keep cross-contamination at bay by aiding food processing facilities in implementing a color-coding program to protect food quality within different areas of the facility. Nilfisk’s EXA food-grade, color-coded accessories are antistatic and third-party certified for added safety in combustible dust environments when used in combination with a Nilfisk electric or pneumatic combustible dust safe vacuum. Accessories are available in clear, white, red, blue, green and yellow.
Industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers increase overall health and safety through floor cleaning practices that minimize slip-and-fall accidents. Sweepers eliminate dispersion of dust in the air by collecting and containing dust. Scrubbers dry as they go, eliminating left behind slick floors.
  • Nilfisk Advance Terra 28B delivers superior performance by offering a walk-behind floor sweeper with a 28” sweep path.  Featuring a side and main broom, 20,000 square feet can be cleaned per hour. In addition, the Terra 28B is essentially maintenance free with easy, tool-free hopper and broom removal.
  • Nilfisk Advance SC750 delivers a walk-behind sweeper with 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing. Available in  wide range of scrub paths, the SC750 has a variety of options to select the right scrubbing performance for the job at hand.
  • Nilfisk Advance SC6000 ride-on scrubber is designed to deliver hours of superior, high-speed cleaning and drying. Equipped with SmartFlow™ Technology or the optional EcoFlex™ System, the green-cleaning SC6000 will save you money on water and detergent while maximizing your runtime.

High pressure washers are a workhorse for cleaning direct food contact surfaces, from mixers to conveyors used in RTE food manufacturing facilities. Offered in both mobile and stationary variants, pressure washers efficiently sanitize processing equipment and work areas to slow down or eliminate the proliferation of microorganisms that may compromise hygiene and the quality of products.

  • Nilfisk MH 4M hot pressure washer  offers high performance and easy maneuverability for ease of use in any food processing facility. Features include on-board storage of detergent tanks, easy access to the fuel tank and a storage box. Cleaning time can be reduced by 4 for cleaning of oil and grease when using 140°F water instead of cold water.

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