Nilfisk Brings Better Cleaning Equipment Solutions to IBIE 2019


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IBIE 2019 is just around the corner. IBIE is THE baking and snack industry event—and it only happens every three years. We look forward to seeing our many customers and meeting new industry professionals to answer questions about contamination control, combustible dust and facility maintenance. 

This year, from booth 7209, we’ll feature a complete line of cleaning solutions to protect food quality and safety. Here’s a preview of what Nilfisk believes is “Better Cleaning” for your facility:

Floorcare equipment

Auto scrubbers and sweepers assure maximum hygiene in minimum time around production and warehouse areas. Sweepers are highly effective at capturing and containing dust, rather than dispersing into the air, which can lead to cross-contamination hazards. For tougher cleaning jobs, auto scrubbers dry as they go, so operators don’t have to worry about leaving behind slick floors, minimizing slip-and-fall accidents.

Industrial vacuums

Industrial vacuums are critical for maintaining food and worker safety in food manufacturing facilities. Beyond cleaning the floors, they can also be used to remove dust from walls, pipes and equipment, as well as collecting baked-on food and crumbs in ovens. Vacuums used in facilities where combustible dust is present must meet certain design requirements to ensure compliance with NFPA 652. Nilfisk offers a complete range of third-party certified equipment.

NEW Antistatic food grade color-coded accessories

Food processing facilities can keep cross-contamination at bay by implementing a color-coding program. The use of industrial vacuums with designated colored end-tools provides a simple and effective system to protect food quality within different areas of the facility. Nilfisk’s new line of EXA food grade color-coded accessories are antistatic and third-party certified for added safety in combustible dust environments when used in combination with a Nilfisk electric or pneumatic combustible dust safe vacuum. Accessories are available in clear, white, red, blue, green and yellow.

High pressure washers

The Nilfisk MH 4M hot water pressure washer is a workhorse for cleaning direct food contact surfaces, from mixers to conveyors used in RTE food manufacturing facilities. To further protect the quality of the end-product as it goes out the door, high pressure washers are also commonly used to clean loading docks and delivery trucks.

We hope to see you at the show! To pre-book an appointment with a member of our sales team, simply send an email to and we’ll reserve a spot for you.

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