How Amy’s Bread Keeps Their Bakery Clean and Compliant


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Amy’s Bread is a nationally recognized bakery that specializes in hand-made, traditional breads as well as sandwiches and sweets. Amy’s Bread has a production facility in Long Island City and three retail cafes in New York City.

Efficiently cleaning flour and dust on floors and overhead beams, while staying compliant with food safety regulations, was the main concern in the Amy’s Bread 30,000 sq. ft. production facility. Amy’s Bread was looking for durable, long lasting equipment that could clean without interrupting its 24-hour operation.

Amy’s Bread was using mops, brooms and shop-style vacs that were inefficient and unsafe.

Since Amy’s founding 22 years ago, they’ve been cleaning like many bakeries do, with mops and brooms — doing their best with the resources available. Old cleaning habits were inefficient and sometimes unsafe.

“We weren’t truly addressing our cleaning needs with mops and brooms.”

“We would have to pre-soak caked on flour, and clean over one area multiple times. For overhead cleaning, two people used a ladder and a shop-style vac. It was difficult for them and disruptive to our work-flow,” says Jessica Blank, Amy’s Bread Facilities Manager.

When asked about the need to clean in the workplace, Amy Scherber, Amy’s Bread Owner and Founder,  mentions the importance of meeting inspection and health code regulations, but quickly follows with the importance of providing a clean, gratifying environment for her employees. “The spirit of the staff matters and when they see a clean bakery, they work in a different way. Their energy is really positive when it’s really clean in here.”

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Amy’s Bread invested in Nilfisk cleaning equipment

Nilfisk visited the facility and consulted Amy’s Bread on their needs and cleaning challenges. Reluctant to believe that any equipment would have the strength to pick up layers of sticky flour, Blank and Scherber were surprised by a video demonstration provided by the Nilfisk team to prove out the solution. They quickly found the equipment to be more productive and effective compared to their previous cleaning methods.

“Being able to use the vacuum and floor scrubbers, we’re able to turn over the rooms much more quickly and we’re able to get it cleaner in a shorter period of time.”

Employees now utilize floor scrubbers to get into corners and collect paste created from flour and water right off the floor without left behind residue. The ride-on scrubber allows for more efficient cleaning of larger areas within the bakery. Beams and overhead pipes can be cleaned efficiently with an industrial vacuum outfitted with overhead attachments, and without a ladder, resulting in quicker, safer cleaning.

Nilfisk helps Amy’s Bread save time and increase productivity

“With the combination of the scrubbers and the vacuum, we can reclaim production rooms and get back to work quickly. It is three to four times faster to clean and the cleaning is now more thorough. We can easily clean twice a day, and we don’t have to increase headcount to do it,” says Blank. She also appreciates Nilfisk for being so proactive in recommending the right cleaning equipment they need to complete their tasks and training their people on how-to use the equipment.

“It’s easier and four-times faster to clean thoroughly with Nilfisk equipment.”

When purchasing equipment, Scherber notes that she is often looking for something that will last for a long time and will not have to be replaced soon. “I find that the Nilfisk equipment lasts very well and it’s a great investment because it’s so durable!”

Recommended cleaning equipment for bakery applications

The SC351™ is an innovative, compact floor scrubber ideally suited for daily cleaning under conveyor belts, in small areas, between and behind tables, and in other hard-to-clean areas.

The rugged and low-maintenance SC750™ scrubber delivers incredible value on a walk-behind platform. High productivity per tankful allows for 84 minutes of continuous scrubbing, which reduces dump/refill cycles and helps provide fast ROI.

The SC6000™ is a next generation ride-on scrubber with the size, speed and innovative technology to clean large areas at a low Total Cost of Ownership — making it a preferred choice at food production sites and warehouses.

The VHS110 is NRTL certified for Class II, Division 2 classified (hazardous) locations. This helps facilities ensure compliance with NFPA 652 housekeeping recommendations for the safe collection of combustible dust.

The S2 single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner is designed to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning challenges. High temperature Nomex filter, hoses, wands and oven attachments are available for quick and easy oven cleaning.

*Nilfisk has other solutions available as well.  A final recommendation would be made by a local sales representative after an assessment of your facility and application.

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